Sea fossil


A little something I drew in class…I was bored.

Alone and at Fault

(Originally from “It’s On Me”)

If I love her like you love him
Then why do I need a ring and a wasted tree to
Prove that?
With your persecution
You can’t have that satisfaction
I can’t back down
I won’t give up now.
Until the both of us have bands on our hands
And white as our shroud.
I do, I do, I do
I do love you
And you love me, too.
Because you came to me
When they turned you away
But I couldn’t stand tall
For you
And I knew
I knew
I knew
I knew you would fall without me there
And I’m sorry
You’re gone now
I’ve lost you for good.
They think they’ve won and maybe they have
But I won’t let them know.
I won’t let this go.
I will fight forever
For you and for me
For us and for we
For them and for they my anger prevails
And I don’t know what feeds it more;
Not having you here
Or them putting all the blame on me.
Pushing me
Until I know it was me.
That I brought it on.
And now I’m alone
So alone.
No farewell. No goodbye.
I couldn’t come in.
“Family only,” they said.
And that’s my fault as well.
Because I
I am not a guy.
But without me you had no one
And I lost you.

– Melissa


La la life

Slumped onto a sofa.
Mustard corduroy threads held her.
Hallucigenic headache caused by the scenery.
Wallpaper puked daphodilles.
1976 pulling her lashes.
Lucid dreaming lilac, they call her.
Bowie accompanies her conversations. A subject
so intricate. so
Loneliness is lovely he told her.
Mars catches her at
midnight. Where the sun
inhales her.


Reviews with Ana

I’m not much for giving reviews, especially with my indecisivness. I’m not sure even how to come about with them, but I thought I’d give it a try.
Imogen Heap is by far one of my favorite artists. She originally came from Frou Frou, whos music is quite similar that I also enjoy. She sings various types of soothing songs, I wouldn’t quite say its pop but  she also has party music. The lyrics to her songs are normally quite simple but contain a good meaning behind them. They have a direct, simple and sweet point. Two songs I really enjoy of hers are Just for now and Headlock. Just for now is a simple soothing kind of song that deals with struggles with family around the holidays. Headlock is more upbeat, talking about how this person is to afraid to take a jump, get into a relationship because they’re overthinking and letting their head control their heart. The background music is so unique which I love about her. She creates different sounds on her own and mixes them together perfectly. She uses different sounds from pieces  of all sorts of shapes. Glass, bottles, nails, etc. I enjoy this artist very much, and I reccommend you to give Imogen Heap a listening sometime 🙂



Something I found in my journal. Yeah I doodle.


Coffee Stains

Coffee-colored eyes like to stain. Chamomile tea is sewed to the freckles of my skin. This one guy got lost in tea. Charles Manson is his roommate now. He gave up tea bags for a knife. He traded in his Led Zeppelin records for her eyes. They weren’t on sale this time. Coffee was his companion when he had sleepy eyes. She was his friend in the light. She had Hitler’s heart and Stalin’s smile. They pretended they knew each other. They stroll through the sidewalks like strangers on a Sunday morning.


Empty Tube of Bengay

The arthritis in my right wrist has flared up since I left you. It might be a sign, or it could be my arthritis flaring up from writing this. I just want my spine back in place, so that you could crack it once more. I would really appreciate it. Do you remember when I gave you my marrow bone for your eighteenth birthday? I do, I placed it into a 3×4 cardboard box wrapped in a green bow. I’ve never seen smile so big until that day.There’s nothing I wouldn’t give, just to see your face light up like that again. I saw a stop light turn green right after it was red for three and a half seconds, maybe that was a sign. If the near empty tube of bengay is where you last left it, I’ll take that as a true sign to call your disconnected phone number. Maybe the sign is that it’s ringing as I wrote this last sentence, then hung up after hearing you say “Hello?” Maybe I’m just delusional.

-myk aral


Year of the DragonKung Hei Fat Choy, and happy New Year!

Even though most cultures have said goodbye to the woes of the old year, it’s only just beginning for China. Now we say goodbye to 2011, Year of the Rabbit, and usher in 2012, the year of the Dragon. Officially, the new year has almost begun the world over, though cultured Chinese residents of America’s west coast still have some time to wait.

So as the clock tonight strikes midnight, remember to take a moment to honor your elders. It may be a Chinese tradition to start off the first of 15 days of celebration, but it’s something everyone should remember to do from time to time.

Happy New Year to all!

– 梅利莎 (Melissa)

Awkward Moments with Ana

That awkward moment when you forget to save.
That awkward moment when your mom finds your condom stash.
That awkward moment when you gag yourself with your toothbrush.
That awkward moment when you hear your parents bumping the uglies.
That awkward moment when you realize you didn’t text back hours later.
When you know that everyone can hear you pee.
When you have the hots for a cartoon character.
That awkward moment when you forgot to say awkward moment.


– Ana


SOPA is “soup” in Spanish. To me, SOPA would be a very dry-tasting soup. Maybe it’d just be broth or an empty bowl. There’s nothing good about it. You kinda wanna punch the bowl for how blatantly ridiculous it is.

– Ryan