1987 Breeze

I like the way the wind tries to steal your hair,

curls of sun rays beam.

My skin melted once. 

I like my skeleton beside you.

I shattered once.

I like the plaid maze I drift in.

I got lost once. 

I like the way you stole me. 








Sea fossil


A little something I drew in class…I was bored.

La la life

Slumped onto a sofa.
Mustard corduroy threads held her.
Hallucigenic headache caused by the scenery.
Wallpaper puked daphodilles.
1976 pulling her lashes.
Lucid dreaming lilac, they call her.
Bowie accompanies her conversations. A subject
so intricate. so
Loneliness is lovely he told her.
Mars catches her at
midnight. Where the sun
inhales her.


Empty Tube of Bengay

The arthritis in my right wrist has flared up since I left you. It might be a sign, or it could be my arthritis flaring up from writing this. I just want my spine back in place, so that you could crack it once more. I would really appreciate it. Do you remember when I gave you my marrow bone for your eighteenth birthday? I do, I placed it into a 3×4 cardboard box wrapped in a green bow. I’ve never seen smile so big until that day.There’s nothing I wouldn’t give, just to see your face light up like that again. I saw a stop light turn green right after it was red for three and a half seconds, maybe that was a sign. If the near empty tube of bengay is where you last left it, I’ll take that as a true sign to call your disconnected phone number. Maybe the sign is that it’s ringing as I wrote this last sentence, then hung up after hearing you say “Hello?” Maybe I’m just delusional.

-myk aral