What I Want Now

Remember when we were talking? It was months after I’d left you. I will always be glad we managed to sustain a friendship after that first relationship fell through. Remember, though? It was just a text message. I remember where I was. Sitting on the floor in my friend’s room. By the desk. I don’t remember what I was doing, aside from messaging you. I probably had my music on. Playing in my ear and ignoring whatever ruckus there was from the computer beside me and the bed in front of me.

Although, I have to admit, I don’t remember the entire conversation. Just one thing. Probably one of the most important things I’d ever said to you. You probably don’t remember. I told you I’d marry you. Not a promise, of course. What I meant was I could see myself with you forever. Marriage or otherwise, really. But I said it. I could marry you, and spend my life with you.

I even want that from you now. Now, even though we’re together and I still contemplate leaving you. Now, even though I fell in love with you again without falling out of love with another. Now, even though the platonic relationship I’m seeking can’t be found with you.

I wish my intangible love and faith could be enough. Without reserving my body for you alone.


Year of the DragonKung Hei Fat Choy, and happy New Year!

Even though most cultures have said goodbye to the woes of the old year, it’s only just beginning for China. Now we say goodbye to 2011, Year of the Rabbit, and usher in 2012, the year of the Dragon. Officially, the new year has almost begun the world over, though cultured Chinese residents of America’s west coast still have some time to wait.

So as the clock tonight strikes midnight, remember to take a moment to honor your elders. It may be a Chinese tradition to start off the first of 15 days of celebration, but it’s something everyone should remember to do from time to time.

Happy New Year to all!

– 梅利莎 (Melissa)

Awkward Moments with Ana

That awkward moment when you forget to save.
That awkward moment when your mom finds your condom stash.
That awkward moment when you gag yourself with your toothbrush.
That awkward moment when you hear your parents bumping the uglies.
That awkward moment when you realize you didn’t text back hours later.
When you know that everyone can hear you pee.
When you have the hots for a cartoon character.
That awkward moment when you forgot to say awkward moment.


– Ana

My Top 11 Albums of 2011

Ryan’s Top 11 of ’11

2012 has just begun and I think it’s time I announce my top 11 albums of 2011. It was a great year for music and I was stoked to see a lot of my favorite artists release new music along with a few newcomers who really surprised me. So without further ado, here are my top 11 of ’11:

11. The Hope In Forgiving & Giving Up Hope

by CityCop.

CityCop. are a screamo band who decide not to utilize the distortion-heavy guitars and amplifiers of their contemporaries but instead resort to basic acoustic instruments. It is a surprise to see the punch these guys can pack with such light utilities but they sure know how to make songs intense. The clean vocals remind me of Jordan Dreyer from La Dispute with some screams reminiscent of Will Swan on Dance Gavin Dance‘s Happiness LP. I really dig these guys sound and I can tell they have a bountiful future ahead of them.

Sample — “Hink Hall”

10. Like Shadows

by Ampere

Ampere are known for being chaotic and incoherent. On Like Shadows, they are just as chaotic and incoherent as ever but this time around, they’ve learned to keep their songs sounding more tight and more fluid. This album is thirteen minutes of pure, apocalyptic destruction with song lengths ranging from a little over ten seconds to about two minutes. Fans of bands like Orchid who haven’t already listened to Ampere should grab a copy of Like Shadows immediately.

Sample — “Tiny Victories”

9. The Great Debater

by Skyzoo

I consider myself a fan of Kanye West…’s production. His samples and beats are prolific but I always want to hear a less egotistic emcee behind the mic. Along comes Skyzoo: a rapper with some serious flows and a humble attitude. The beats on his latest release The Great Debater are almost–almost–as stylish as Yeezy’s Twisted Fantasy and Skyzoo’s raps are unstoppable. I wonder if this guy knows what breathing is? Anyway, I found this hip-hop LP pretty dazzling and I think more people should appreciate what the Zoo of the Sky has to offer.

Sample — “We Here”

8. The Lack Long After

by Pianos Become The Teeth

I must admit, I was not very impressed with this LP as everyone else was when it was first released. I enjoyed it but something felt missing. Then I caught Pianos on tour with Touche Amore at a show in Los Angeles and I was floored. These guys’ live performance belittles everything they’ve ever put out on record, seriously. The vocals were desperate and intense, the guitars were loud, I could feel the snare punching at my chest with the boom of the bass drum pushing my stomach in with every hit. I could feel their music and I wanted to tear my hair out or something to fulfill the experience but I couldn’t; there were too many people in the crowd and I was crammed. Listening back on this, I have garnered more respect for the music showcased here. Enough respect to place it at number eight in my top eleven.

Sample — “I’ll Be Damned”

7. Joyce Manor

by Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor was expected. I expected to love these guys. I was told, “Hey man, if you want some catchy pop punk, check out the new LP from Joyce Manor.” So I got the album and was expecting some catchy pop punk and that’s exactly what I got. What I didn’t expect were the vocals. There seems to be a common theme of love-it-or-hate-it in regards to them, but I find them fresh in the realm of pop punk and sort of reminiscent to Ian Curtis from Joy Division. So basically, I got what I wanted and listened to all eighteen minutes of this album several times (about twenty or thirty times as of now and still lovin’ it). I kind of wish these guys made music a while back so I would have more stuff to listen to but the ten (great) tracks on this self-titled LP will suffice for now.

Sample — “Beach Community”

6. House Of Balloons

by The Weeknd

As I pointed out in my New Year’s resolutions post, I wish I could’ve checked out The Weeknd sooner. I was so curious as to what I would hear from all the reviews I read. I heard the dude cusses like every other word but I really didn’t care. When it actually came to listening to it, I never felt any of the explicit language to be too overbearing (“…and that’s my mo’f*ckin’ word too“). I never found the R&B genre to be anything that great but upon listening to this, I’m having some second opinions. I want to start delving into the world of (great) R&B music, but I’ll save that for another blog post. But all in all, this guy makes some chilled-out, fresh-as-frick pop music. Also, he has a great falsetto voice. The Weeknd released three mixtapes this year, all superb stuff, but I find his debut the one I come back to the most.

Sample — “House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls”

5. Worthless

by Weekend Nachos

Weekend Nachos, man, what else can I say? A power-violent hardcore band from Chicago who love to smash the faces of elitist punks and watch the world burn. I just love these guys so I can’t help but place them high on my top albums of the year. I’m just gonna copy-paste the lyrics of their song “Jock Powerviolence” so you can get an idea of what the band might have to offer (also, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy is featured on this track and he goes hard!): “I stopped trying to be cool a long time ago! I laugh to myself as I see you come and go! Make up rules for your friends to live by! I’ll keep doing things my way while you f*cking cry! Prove nothing to elitist children! I’ll let you talk because I owe you nothing!”

Sample — “Black Earth”

4. Departing

by The Rural Alberta Advantage

I checked out The Rural Alberta Advantage last year with their debut LP Hometowns. I fell in love with them instantly, mostly due to the fact that vocalist Nils Edenloff reminded me of Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel with his high-pitched croon. On their second LP, the Canadian trio turn down the tempo a bit all the while retaining the charm that was ever so present on their debut, still crackling as bright as ever. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of technical drumming that was found on their first LP (i.e. “Don’t Haunt This Place“) but the percussions on Departing keep things going smoothly with some simple beats and a little experimentation to be found here and there. I really can’t picture these fellows doing anything remotely unsatisfactory so I can’t wait to see what they have to offer in the future.

Sample — “Tornado ’87” 

3. Sit Resist

by Laura Stevenson And The Cans

Laura Stevenson and her recyclable friends make another adorable record with some dark undertones. I have always admired the range of Mrs. Stevenson’s voice, how flexible it is, how she can hold a note for what seems to be forever, how she can make the music sound so innocent… I just adore this record. I want to take it and pinch its cheeks and make annoying, high-pitched noises. Sit Resist is practically flawless as far as I can tell. That’s all I have to back this up.

Sample — “The Healthy One”

2. Useless Eaters

by GDP

Politics aren’t really my thing. I would love (and I mean love) the punk group Propagandhi but the way the vocalist tries to enforce his ideals upon the listener is kind of a turn-off. But with Jersey rapper GDP, I don’t mind it much. Nothing feels absurd. Every line is a punchline and I don’t mean comically but as in each line literally packs a punch. This guy really knows how to keep things interesting. The beats are massive. The rap flows are engaging. Topics range from drug abuse, world pollution, and suicide (“Here is something that you can’t understand… how I can just kill myself.“) I feel like I stumbled upon something really special here with GDP’s Useless Eaters and I think more people should discover it for themselves. You just might thank me.

Sample — “Little Boxes”

1. Vacation

by Bomb The Music Industry!

When I heard Jeff Rosenstock & Co. were going to release a new album in the summer of ’11, I was excited to say the least, f*cking ecstatic to exaggerate a bit. I love Bomb The Music Industry! with a strong, strong passion. There is a big style change present on this LP: an almost controversial change from ska to… well, I can’t really categorize it under something specific, but I think of it as a beachy, punky, fun rock record with Jeff Rosenstock. That’s what really makes every BTMI! record a great record: Jeff Rosenstock. The dude knows how to make everything he writes just plain awesome. Read any lyric Jeff has written and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The track I think surprised me the most was definitely “The Sh*t That You Hate.” It starts off at an almost inaudible volume, just Jeff and an acoustic guitar. Then the other instruments start building on top of each other, one after the other (pianos, harmonicas, a fuzzy buzzy, and even some violins are thrown into this expansive epic). The track just builds and builds for a good three minutes until everything comes together in a loud, brilliant symphony and I just… ah, I can’t even begin to explain it. I just ooze happiness, that’s pretty much it. I ooze. I love everything about this record, even the forgivable repetition of “Savers.” This album pretty much defined my summer this year and I thank it immensely.

Sample — “Hurricane Waves”

Top EP’s of 2011:
1. Apparitions by Manners
2. Coloring Book by Glassjaw
3. Seasons by CityCop.
4. MMXI by The Kingsford Run
5. Our Color Green (The Singles) by Glassjaw
6. Coup De Grace by Children Of God
7.  Never Born, Never Dead by Trophy Scars
8. Black Earth by Weekend Nachos
9. Ascent by Maths
10. The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues by Between The Buried And Me

Ryan’s New Years Resolution(s)

Twenty-twelve is here which means another year spent loathing the classroom and bathing in the freedom light. It means another step closer to officially graduating high school (terrifying!) and another step closer to adulthood. I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions and when I do I always forget what they are. They’re probably things like keeping up my grades and making my parents proud. This year, I made it my duty to think for once and come up with a few resolutions. Here are the five things I came up with . . .

1. Stay positive.
I’m tired of getting into these moods where I don’t wanna feel happy; I just remain stubborn and stupid. It bothers me because I feel myself getting into these dark moods and I can’t escape them. That is why I want to stay positive, or at least as positive as I possibly can under all circumstances. Life is too short to get moody about the small things. I need to suck it up, live it up, and stop actin’ like a fool!

2. Make things less awkward with my sister.
For some strange reason, I have this awkward relationship with my younger sister where it’s hard to talk to each other. I mean, simple things like saying “hi” or asking for something are abound, but I haven’t had a casual conversation with her in the longest time. It may be the large age distance (10 years between us) and that we just have nothing relatable to discuss, but then again, that’s not an issue with most brother-sister relationships. I don’t know but sh*t needs to get done about that.

3. Stay with my girlfriend. 
I have a wonderful girlfriend Ana who I’ve been with for almost 8 months now, and I’d like to keep that going. Not that I feel like there’s a chance it’ll end but you know, it’s always good to wish for the best.

4. Keep up with new music.
I said I was going to do this last year and I did a pretty good job but after finally checking out The Weeknd in the last month of 2011 when I should’ve just checked him out in March like I said I would, I’ve realized that I need to stay (even more) updated with new releases.

5. Grow up.
I’m 18 so it’s time to get a car, get a job, and get ready for college. First, the car doesn’t feel as essential as I used to think it was. I have a bike and I enjoy the exercise I get from it. Second, I like the way it feels when I have money in my pocket but all of my friends who have jobs have no money in their pockets. Third, I’ve been preppin’ up for college since the first day of my senior year so I’m cool with the rate I’m going at. The moment I buy a car and get a job is the moment I throw my youth away, so I’ma keep the kid juices flowing as best as I can.

And that’s all! Here’s to hoping I stick with them as best as I can. Cheers folks.

– Ryan


I do not mind at all that you re-gifted my present

However, I do havr minor complaint considering that you re-gifted it to me.

It’s okay, I have really good taste, so Next year I shall

buy things I would want and give them to  you as a gift knowing

you will re-gift them to yours truely.

It would be my greatest accomplishment;

being selfish but remaining completely passive.

There goes Hanukkah.


-myk aral


A little something interesting…

Stumbled upon a true gem here. There’s this online comic called “Garfield Minus Garfield” which is exactly as its title entails. It’s your favorite little comics starring a lasagna-lovin’ phat cat, without the phat cat. It “[reveals] the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle” and it’s depressing (yet comical and witty and stuff). Click the link in the quoted text above and check it out.

Also, I found a pretty amazing haiku written on a t-shirt. It goes:

How much can I fit
Into a haiku format
Oh no I’m out of 

– (http://www.toothpastefordinner.com)

And that’s all folks!


Total rant :

If you think you are being harassed then do something about it, the correct way. Not go on and on about it to people that can’t do anything for you. If you were being harassed then you know the proper step in taking action.  WRONG.  I guess laws don’t exist to idiots. Being harassed means you have made it clear to the person that you want them to leave you alone and they persist on pestering you. Not because they are not very good looking and they just simply are not your type, you think its UNACCEPTABLE for someone of their “lower rank” to be talking to you,a “higher rank”( so you think you are, which is in MY opinion pathetic). Why you just completely are dramatizing the complete situation, I have no clue.   Some people don’t fully understand the concept of being harassed.

GAAAAAAAAH. If you had a brain left in your skull ( that of which has been rotted by hair spray ) then you’d be aware of the fact that your to incompetent to comprehend your OVER EXAGGERATION of almost everything that seems to make it’s way out of your belligerent pie whole.

That is all.

– myk aral.

Panqueques Sin Mantequilla

I think I’m gonna start this new thing where I add unfitting clip-art to my posts. Anyway, someone sent me a link to this website and it’s hilarious. Basically this guy finds posts on Craigslist, responds to them, and just messes with them until they hit their boiling point. A particular favorite among us MARKSmen is one about a Jeep Comanche. Click here to read the insanity and prepare your ribs for some serious laugh damage. WARNING: Pervasive language!

In other news, we have been hitting the jackpot on submissions and we’d like you guys to keep them coming. This is actually becoming something really significant which was pretty unexpected! We’ll definitely be posting more submissions and of course making more posts ourselves to keep things interesting. Also I love pancakes.

– Ryan